The Day is Here!

The day has finally come where Seeds in a Dark Fruit Sky is available for preorder! On October 11th the book will start shipping and this long ongoing project will finally be out in the world for all to see.

It has been a long journey, but that is because I refused to take shortcuts and I also made plenty of mistakes leading this project. I was pressured to just publish the stories in English and then come out with a bilingual book later. I was tempted to not verify the stories with the storytellers because I knew it would be a difficult and long process. I did not plan the budget of the book very well in the beginning, believing that all would want to work for the cause of the book instead of being paid what they are worth. That was a failing on my part to recognize the importance of creatives and their value, and the project was slowed because of it. For that, I apologize.

I had many translators promise results and deadlines that were never kept, I had another who strung me along for a year and a half before I had to hound them for results and then when I got what I needed from them it was subpar work that I needed to fix. There are many excuses as to why this project took so long, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. What is past is past, and we are moving forward together.

Now, after many tears and frustrations, the book is finished and ready to be released. I am so thankful for all of the support for this project and for those who believed in the vision to humanize the country of Haiti and to give a platform for these Haitian storytellers in their beautiful in their native language of Haitian Creole.

You can find the book for preorder on Amazon at


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