Hurricanes and updates

It has been way too long since an update has been given about this project, and I apologize for that. There has been a lot of craziness going on in Haiti and the translation process has been a lot slower than we anticipated in the Kickstarter timeline. Below you will find an update from one of our translators, Krista:

“Hey there Seeds in a Dark Fruit Sky supporters and friends.

Krista Germeil here. I am an American currently living with my Haitian husband and our sweet 15-month-old baby girl in Jeremie, Haiti. We work for a local mission, Haiti Bible Mission.

I wanted to update you all on our end of the project. As you may know, our beloved town was slammed about 4 months ago by a Category 5 Hurricane Matthew. We (us and our neighbors/community) lost a lot. Our town looked like a fire had ripped through it. Since then, we at Haiti Bible Mission, have been in go mode as the largest hub of relief teams and supplies in Jeremie. Things are starting to slow down now and my family has currently been sent on a one-month sabbatical in order to rest and reconnect after all of our past few months craziness.

I appreciate all of your patience and grace as I have worked- by myself- to verify all 50 stories. I have finished all but one story at this point, so things are moving forward. My husband and I plan to start the translation of the stories from English to Haitian Creole once we return to Haiti in February. Our goal is to complete at least 6 stories a month.

The project, Seeds in a Dark Fruit Sky, is important to us, our staff, and our community because it allows our Haitian family to have a voice. To get their untold stories out there. To share life with you all. I hope that as we continue to work hard on our end to finish this project, it will enrich your life like it has done ours.

Krista, Marc Donald, and Lucianne Germeil”



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