202% funded!

WOW! 202% funded!

We did it! Now what?


This book is officially happening with double the funding, all thanks to your support! We are so blessed! Be sure to like the Facebook page to get updates about the book and its progress, but as a Kickstarter backer you will get updates via e-mail.

Now what? Well, now our team really gets to work. As a backer your pledge will be deducted soon, and then we’ll send out a survey to get your addresses so we can send out the perks when the time comes (around December or January). Your first perk, the unlisted video, will be sent via e-mail to you by the of June.

We are so excited that you decided to be a part of this project and support us to make this book come to life. If you haven’t already, read some of these amazing articles about the book:

Thank you for your support! WE DID IT!


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