108% funded and stretch goals!

WE DID IT! We are now over 100% funded! Thank you everyone for your support!

Now we move on to our stretch goals! The more money we raise the more stuff we can add to the book and we can send free books to Haiti!

We already added extra illustrations and a book launch party (and bonus video) with the stretch goals reached so far.

Next up:
At $3,300 – We can add a translation guide at the back of the book. $3,300-$3,500 – Additional advertisements (shipping books to reviewers and bookstores and ad campaigns to reach a wider audience, extra Kickstarter expenses). $3,500-$4,000 – Print and ship free books to Haiti to partnering schools and orphanages, and sample copies to churches interested in selling/buying copies.

And remember, the raffle ends on Friday share now for a chance to win an autographed book or a Haitian painting! Great to have an extra book to give as a gift, or to keep for yourself!

We did it! This book is officially happening! So happy and blessed. Thank you for all of your support and for believing in this book. Share this project with your friends and family so we can reach all our stretch goals.

Thank you!


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